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Senator H. John Heinz III Collection – Help
What is this?
This site provides electronic access to items from the Senator H. John Heinz III Collection. Items in the collection have been scanned, the images made available here, and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology has been used to provide full-text searching capabilities. This allows users to search through all of the digitized documents for specific words and phrases.

How do I search the collection?
From the main page, click Access, and then click Search the Collection. This will take you to the search page. From here you can do a simple search, or click "Advanced Search" for a more complex search.

Simple Search
Type in a word or phrase you would like to search for, and click the Search button. This will search through all the texts, as well as the items’ descriptions, returning results in the order of their relevance.

If all the results do not fit on one page, you can use the "Next >>" and "<< Previous" links to page through them.

Advanced Search
To search for a specific phrase, type it into the box labeled "the phrase." This will search for documents containing the entire phrase you have entered.

To search for several individual words, use the box labeled "all the words." This will find documents containing each of the words you entered, not necessarily together.

To eliminate results containing certain words, enter those words in the box labeled "without the words." Items containing any of the words you have entered here will not appear in your search results.

By default, results are sorted by relevance. Using the "sort by" dropdown box, you can also sort your results by the date of the documents. "Date" sorts results in ascending order (oldest to newest), "Date (desc)" sorts results in descending order (newest to oldest).

If all the results do not fit on one page, you can use the "Next >>" and "<< Previous" links to page through them, or click on a page number to view that page of results.

Searching tips:
How do I browse the collection?
From the main page, click Access, and then click Search the Collection. In the section of the page labeled "Browse," choose in the dropdown box how you would like to see the collection arranged, and then click the Browse button.

The choices in the dropdown box show the hierarchical arrangement that will be used in browsing.
Series -> Subseries -> Subject -> Type -> Title
This arrangement is best when you are looking for documents relating to a certain subject area.
Within a subseries, you will be given a list of subjects. Choosing a subject will show documents that relate to that subject.
Subgroup -> Series -> Box -> Subject -> Title
This arrangement is closer to a finding aid that you would use to find items in a physical collection.
Subjects and their respective documents will be limited to those contained in an individual box in the physical collection.
Box -> Folder -> Bundle
This represents the physical arrangement of the collection, without dividing items into series and subjects.
It can be useful if you know the exact location of a specific document or collection of documents.
After clicking Browse, you will be able to browse through the collection by the hierarchy you have chosen. For instance, if you choose to arrange the items by "Series->Subject->Title" clicking a series will show the subjects contained in that series, and clicking a subject will give a list of the folders, by title, within that subject. Clicking a folder title will show the items contained in that folder, and you can then click on the desired item’s title to view that specific item.

How do I view items once I find what I want?
After locating a document that you would like to view by either browsing or searching the collection, click the item’s title. The resulting page will provide a view of that individual document. At the top of the page, you will see "Image" and "Text" buttons, which can be clicked to switch between two different views.

"Image" will show the scanned image of the document itself, as a PDF file.

"Text" will show a view of contextual information about the document, such as the series it is contained in, the date of the item, and the number of the box in which the physical item is located in the archives.

There is also a "Where am I?" link at the top right of the page. This will take you to another page that is set up to help you determine where the document exists within the hierarchy of the collection, which can, for example, help you find related items that are grouped together with the document that you are viewing.

Note: Some items in the Senator H. John Heinz III Collection may be protected by copyright and will not be displayed online.

If I need a copy of something that is not online, what are my options?
You may visit the Archives to see the materials first hand. The Carnegie Mellon University Archives are open Monday-Friday, 9-5.

If there are no restrictions on the items in question you can request, photocopies be made and sent to you.

Who should I contact and how should I do so?
You may contact the University Archivist, J. Dustin Williams, at or the Archives Specialist, Katie Behrman, at The main phone number for the Carnegie Mellon University Archives is 412-268-5021. We welcome phone calls during business hours, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

How do I cite the collection?
Senator H. John Heinz III Collection, Carnegie Mellon University Archives, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Documents that have been scanned and made available online may be cited by their persistent URL.

I would like to use an image for a publication—is that possible? How do I make my request?
Please contact the Carnegie Mellon University Archives with your requests—we will be able to tell you what images are available and how to go about getting what you need. Please note: there are fees associated with both reproduction of images from the archives as well as publication of those images. An estimate can be assessed for your particular order.

Are there other collections in the Archives that might be of interest to me?
There are over 4,000 linear feet of archival materials in the Carnegie Mellon University Archives, all of which pertain in some way to CIT/CMU. You may access finding aids and/or brief collection descriptions through the Carnegie Mellon University Archives website at:

Several collections have been made available on the web. These can be found at

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