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Series IX. Correspondence -- [dates?] collects Simon's correspondence with some of the world's leading lights in economics, political science, computer science, artificial intelligence, and cognitive psychology.

Materials include personal correspondence, student-teacher correspondence, correspondence with other universities and their scholars, with research and governmental agencies, and with private sector corporations.

Highlights include letters exchanged with figures in various disciplines which have bounded Simon's polymathic career: economics (Kenneth J. Arrow, Bernard Berelson, Gerard Debreu, Tjalling Koopmans, Jacob Marschak); chess mastery (Edward Lasker); computer science (Edward Feigenbaum, Oliver Selfridge, Cliff Shaw); logic (Rudolf Carnap); political science (Harold Lasswell); and psychology (Edwin G. Boring, Adriaan de Groot, Carl I. Hovland, B. F. Skinner).

Of interest may be Simon's correspondence with computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum, who objected to artificial intelligence programming on the grounds that it was half-sham, and as well an assault on human dignity; and with author Pamela McCorduck, commenting on her book on artificial intelligence, Machines Who Think. The series occupies 16 boxes (16 cu. ft.).

Gabrielle V. Michalek, Head of Archives/Digital Library Initiatives
June 14, 2001 --

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