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Series VI. Consulting -- 1942-1995 contains technical reports, committee reports, conference documents and correspondence for Simon's many advisory involvements, as a committeeman for the Ford Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, the National Academy of Sciences, and the National Research Council, among others. Simon's tenure on the President's Science Advisory Committee, during the Johnson administration and early Nixon years, is also represented.

The Cowles Commission folders contain discussion papers in mathematics, economics, and statistics, as well as general papers by Simon, Debreu, Modigliani, Koopmans and others. Topics of these papers include organizational theories, quadratic forms, matrices, and causality and identification. The series also includes annual reports, agenda, mailing lists, memos and correspondence relating to the commission.

Ford Foundation folders contain scientific papers on behavioral science and organizational behavior, reports, notes and memoranda. Collected also are materials related to the CASBS, including board meeting minutes, memoranda and correspondence, and scientific papers .

Social Science Research Council folders contain agendas, correspondence, financial reports, minutes, and memoranda relating to Simon's work on the SSRC Board of Directors. Memoranda and papers from the 1955 Conference on Business Enterprise held at CIT by the Committee on Business Enterprise are represented; as are annual reports, correspondence, memoranda and minutes from the Committee on Simulation of Cognitive Processes; and correspondence, minutes and travel vouchers from Simon's work on the Committee on Problems and Policy.

Materials relating to Simon's work with the Summer Research Training Institutes include correspondence, evaluations, minutes, papers, participant lists, and proposals. The series also contains general correspondence and SSRC annual reports.

National Academy of Sciences folders contain correspondence, annual meeting reports, committee reports, materials pertaining to the Committee on Scholarly Communication with the People's Republic of China, and reports of the COSPUP and COSEPUP committees. National Research Council folders include reports, correspondence and memoranda pertaining to the Division of Behavioral Sciences, the Committee on Contributions of Behavioral and Social Sciences to the Prevention of Nuclear War, and the National Academy of Engineering's Commission on Education.

National Science Foundation folders contain proposals and departmental and panel reports. NAS research grants awarded to Herbert Simon are contained in Series V, Carnegie Mellon University.

The Governor's Milk Control Inquiry Committee folders contain materials relating to committee meetings from September 1964 to December 1965, including minutes and memoranda, briefs, expense accounts, correspondence, reports, and publications.

The President's Science Advisory Committee folders contain topical reports on environmental pollutants and the behavioral sciences, correspondence and memoranda. The series occupies 8 boxes (8.5 cu. ft.).

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