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Series IV. RAND Corporation -- 1949-1973 (1991, 1994) collects technical reports issued during Simon's years as a consultant and correspondence into the 1970s. The series also contains technical reports, articles, notes, and computer runs for chess playing research and chess computer programming that extended into Simon's post-Rand years. Technical reports by Simon, Allen Newell, and J. C. Shaw predominate, on topics including the Logic Theorist and General Problem Solver systems. Correspondence from 1958-1964 is also collected. One file contains materials relating to Simon's EPAM system project. EPAM short for name of the Greek philosopher Epamonides was a program that attempted to simulate human verbal learning behavior. Articles and papers on chess playing methods and NSS chess machine research are also represented, including a scattering of publications postdating Simon's term at RAND. The series occupies 1 box (1.75 cu. ft.)

Gabrielle V. Michalek, Head of Archives/Digital Library Initiatives
June 14, 2001 --

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