Clifford G. Shull Collection



Series VI: Correspondence, 1946-1999. Correspondence files can be found in Box 18 (0.75 linear feet). The files are in alphabetical order by the surname of the correspondent. Correspondence of note includes larger folders for Paul Beck, Bronislav Buras, Newell Gingrich, and Morton Hamermesh. There is also a folder of correspondence with Bertram Brockhouse that reflects the interchange one would expect between the leaders of two laboratories having similar interests. It is important to note that Professor Shull usually kept colleagues' correspondence with the notes, graphs, data, journal articles and reports on a particular research topic together in the same folder--especially during his years at MIT. The closer a physicist worked with Clifford Shull, the more likely their correspondence will appear mixed in among the rest of the material on a research topic.

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J. Dustin Williams, University/Heinz Archivist, Carnegie Mellon University

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