Clifford G. Shull Collection



Series III: Oak Ridge, 1947-1955. Papers concerning Professor Shull's work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are housed in Boxes 1 and 2 of the collection and are 0.5 linear feet in length. Series III is arranged alphabetically by document type. It includes experimental data, graphs and theoretical calculations for experiments on iron, iron oxides and other substances (including cobalt and various manganese compounds). This material provides a look at some of the work that led to his Nobel Prize nearly 50 years later. Series III also includes a scrapbook of the Oak Ridge social activities of Clifford and Martha-Nel Shull. There are also reprints of articles by some of Shull's Oak Ridge colleagues, and negatives of a few neutron diffraction patterns.

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J. Dustin Williams, University/Heinz Archivist, Carnegie Mellon University

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