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Dr. Takeo Kanade


Envisioning Robotics is an online archival exhibit that consists of select items of the Takeo Kanade Collection from the Carnegie Mellon University Archives. Dr. Kanade is a distinguished faculty member at Carnegie Mellon and a world-renowned pioneer in the field of robotics. His research on improved human/robotic interaction continues to advance computer vision, multimedia, autonomous mobile robotics, and sensors. The goal of this exhibit is to showcase Dr. Kanade’s contributions to the field of robotics.

In 2005, Dr. Kanade generously donated his papers to the University Archives with the intention that they will remain an active collection until his retirement. The collection contains a variety of documents including published material, research for various projects, administrative records, travel and conference material, and video recordings. The bulk of the collection centers on those projects in which Dr. Kanade participated, ranging from as early as 1962 to as late as 2003 with the bulk falling between 1979 and 2000. The collections is currently being processed and will continue to grow as Dr. Kanade provides access to more materials. Access to the collection can be provided by appointment with the University Archives.


J. Dustin Williams, University/Heinz Archivist, Carnegie Mellon University

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