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Dr. Kanade graduated from Kyoto University in 1974 with a Doctoral Degree in Electrical Engineering.  He joined the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University in 1980 and was awarded the U. A. and Helen Whitaker Chair in 1993. His contributions to the development of the Robotics Institute include founding the world’s first doctoral program in Robotics, which he chaired from 1989-1993; and he served as director of the Robotics Institute from 1992-2001. Dr. Kanade has been elected to the National Academy of Engineers, the Academy of Arts and Sciences, and sits on a variety of committees and advisory boards, ranging from NASA to the National Research Council.

Dr. Kanade’s contributions to robotic studies and artificial intelligence continues to be extensive. He is currently working on a variety of projects related to his fields of study. For more information on Dr. Kanade, descriptions of his current and past work, and links to published papers, visit the Robotics Institute web site at and his faculty page at

Test of an Autonomous Vehicle at

Carnegie Mellon, c1985

Courtesy of Kanade Collection,

University Archives


J. Dustin Williams, University/Heinz Archivist, Carnegie Mellon University

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